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Dismembered corpse of an American soldier killed by a mine in the Vado Area in Italy on 20 April 1945. | The Digital Collections of the National WWII Museum : Oral Histories

A Christian Ulbricht Nutcracker Riding Soldier handcrafted in Germany. Nutcrackers have a romantic history. Wood turning on lathes can be traced back to the small German mining town of Seiffen, in the mountains of the Erzgebirge not far from the Czechoslovakian border. Records document the Ulbricht family as wood turners since the early 1700’s. Their various nutcrackers are of the finest quality.

The explosion of a British mine at the Hawthorn Ridge Redoubt, a German fortification in the Somme. The enormous mine contained 40,000 pounds of explosives. To get a sense of scale of the massive explosion a soldier can be seen in the very foreground on the bottom of the picture. That day of fighting, the first day of the Battle of the Somme, would be the bloodiest day of fighting in British History. 7:20 am - July 1, 1916.

From horses and elephants carrying armies, to dogs parachuting from planes and dolphins detecting mines, animals have played a part in some of the bloodiest battles in history. Their stories are as compelling and tragic as those of the soldiers they served.

Pal was responsible for saving an entire Marine platoon from an ambush on Okinawa after discovering a hidden Japanese machine gun nest. Military dogs were commonly used by the Marines in the Pacific for this specific task along with sniffing out mines dug in hidden Japaneses soldiers and more importantly snipers.

a met Soun Rattana a former child soldier of the Khmer Rouge. Soun did not fight because he wanted to he fought because he would be killedlike his parents were killedif he did not. after 14 years of combat on the front lines he was the victim of a land mine and lost one of his legs. this tragedy though saved his life because it removed him from the front lines. earlier this year he opened the War Remnant Museum as a way to educate people about Cambodia's painful past. to my fellow Americans…

Anzac soldiers working on a mud chute at a mining operation at Quinn's Post, during the Gallipoli campaign 1915. Miners from Australia and New Zealand dug extensively to provide communication tunnels and to destroy Turkish tunnels and trenches.

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