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"The US can't handle the UK being in the spotlight. 'Damnit the Uk is hosting the Olympics and everyone is thinking they're cooler than us! Quick, land on Mars!'"

How The Internet Reacted To Russia Invading Ukraine

Others thought the U.S. should just leave well enough alone. | How The Internet Reacted To Russia Invading Ukraine. Oh this priceless. Especially if you are in the Hetalia fandom.

The Negroni Is The Most Important Cocktail

This is a hetalia pic but I feel like this is how the main character feels in alout of anime and other shows. Most of the time the 'hero' didn't chose to be the hero he/she just has to be for everyone around them.

This is not mine but I just wanted to pin this so if you wanna make anime this is the eyes you can make!!