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Clifford Hall, portrait (detail) of Eve De Negri, 1950. De Negri (1919 – 1977) was an artist, author & lecturer. Hall met her when they were both working at Central St Martin's School of Design in London. De Negri moved to Nigeria in 1959 where she help to found the Fashion department at Yaba College of Technology. She wrote books & articles about Nigerian costumes, body adornment & African textiles.

Africa | Amulet from the Ngbandi people of Ubangi, Equateur, DR Congo | Wood, leather and copper/brass alloy | ca. 1914

Africa | Ivory Ring from the Dinka People of Sudan

Xhosa Beaded Panel Blanket Pin or Cloak Pin "Ithumbu" - Xhosa Beadwork. This beaded pin, sometimes referred to as a "love letter", is so large that it may be considered a beaded panel. It it of the style popular around Cofimvaba and likely dates to the 1940's.

In addition to creating larger works of sacred sculpture, the peoples of the Sepik region in northeast New Guinea have highly developed traditions of decorative arts. As elsewhere in New Guinea, much of Sepik decorative art is devoted to the adornment of the human body. Sepik artists create diverse forms of jewelry, headdresses, and other personal ornaments. Personal possessions such as weapons, charms, and a variety of paraphernalia associated with the use of betel nut (the fruit of the…

After four-years of hard work, scientists have fully sequenced and decoded the Neanderthal genome Neanderthals and modern humans have the same FoxP2 gene sequence – meaning Neanderthals were capable of communication if not full-blown language All anatomically modern humans share at least some Neanderthal DNA. Europeans and Asians (-4%) and Africans (+/-1.8%). This means cross-species breeding gave rise to fertile young Neanderthals had more complex art and personal adornment than…

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