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Efaderm Moisturizing Cream 60g

Galderma Efaderm® lotion for additional use in tube that is large contain strong organic moisturizing elements that are high quality.

Tacroz Tacrolimus Ointment 20g

Tacroz Tacrolimus Ointment (Tacrolimus) is a quality generic of well known Protopic Tacrolimus lotion.

Hirudal Mucopolysaccharides Cream

Hirudal Mucopolysaccharides or Hirudoid, a scar enhancement treat scars correctly and remove acne scars, marks and spots.

Miconazole Cream | Miconazole nitrate Cream | Micogel 15g

Micogel Miconazole cream by Cipla.Miconazole cream relieves irritation to yeast infection, treating vaginal yeast infections.

Permite Permethrin Cream 5% 30g

Permite Permethrin Cream 5% 30g

Placentrex | Placental Cream | Human Placenta Extract 20g

Placentrex placental cream is a mix of nitrogen & human placental extract.

ClearGel Clindamycin Phosphate 20g

ClearGel Clindamycin Phosphate gis used for treating severe acne, pimples and other states as determined by your physician.

Betnovate Betamethasone Cream 20g

Betnovate Betamethasone cream is used for itchy, eczematous, dermathologic, sensitive or inflammatory skin disorders.

Boroline Antiseptic Cream

Boroline antiseptic cream is a mix of the antiseptic boric acid, the astringent and sunscreen zinc oxide, emollient lanolin.

Efatop PE Emollient Cream

Efatop PE Emollient Cream