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Doctor Idiot

“I had a friend once. We ran together when I was little. And I thought we were the same. But when we grew up, we weren’t I need you to know we’re not so different.

Drunk texter vs whovian texter

Why you should never drunk text a whovian. I am crying right now. I'm laughing so fucking hard. I need someone to drink text me so I can pull this shit.

I laughed so much at this and also only one pic of alex but she still kills me

Amy's reaction is priceless. that awkward moment when you realize you're your best friends mother in law.

Recently discovered Van Gogh painting... A TATDIS-like image in the background  Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

As an artist I was ecstatic about there being a New Van Gogh painting, and I tried my best to just view the art and not see the Tardis.But my fangirl side was flipping out. More proof that the Doctor is real?

I'm NOT Clumsy!! (Doctor Who)

I think I am just a bad ass Silence killer. I trip over thin air all the time.

He's not a giraffe, he's a majestic unicorn of awkwardness!!!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Donald Trump would deport this joke

"I feel like Matt Smith has two modes: Mysterious, well-dressed gentleman and Giraffe on the go, with no in between. I love Matt Smith!

Daughters for Dr. Who - Cheezburger.com - Crafted from the finest Internets.

Yo Doc, We Heard You Like Daughters

This is almost like an actual Doctor Who episode. SO The Doctor's daughter played the Doctor's daughters in 'The Doctor's daughter' was friends with the Doctor's daughter then married the doctor and had the doctor's daughter

Rockin' 12 :p

Peter Capaldi playing the "Doctor Who" theme on a electric guitar while standing on a tank in the middle of a medieval jousting arena cool

Steven Moffat in a sentence. Best summary of anything I've ever seen.

Razan Wehbi on

They knew that he would love it so much. Is why Moffat wanted to kill the Fez. The poor Fez.and poor Matt.

"It's hard to believe that he's 1,103 in this episode."

Number 11 Is an Actual Child

Actual child the eleventh doctor :) (And then tells them to go look for their parents, in the lamps department).