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Blossom and Berserk

Blossom and Berserk

Brick and Blossom

A Shojo AU where Brick and Blossom are siblings, but everyone else ain't related with each other. wwww In this scene, Butch and Blossom go to the same prestigious school while Brick goes to a norma.

They are Brick and Berserk, though they arent real siblings but i think they will come well together too!

yes,she is Blossom I transform some places Although it seems strange Where.so be it Blossom

Great difference height by MOUCHbart.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

In addition RRB、PPG、PPnkG and Barasia,I also added my boys Bill and RRTB (By JKSketchy) I want to confession again!

Blossom and Brick

A long time without making a fanarte of PPGZ . i decide to accept the idea of ​​them wearing the clothes of RRBZ (think these clothes look better on them than in the boys) and I misse.