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sneasel #8_tailed_fox

Emblems for Battlefield Battlefield BFH, Battlefield Hardline

The Top 25 Dorkly Comics of 2012 101 - Image 1

A Game of Skyrim Tag and killed yo parents for it. At that moment the child realized she f***ed up. Never play tag with the dragonborn.

Skyrim Dragons Are Grammar Nerds

Skyrim Dragons Are Grammar Nerds [Comics]

Dragonborn is a douche. If I had a dragon for a pet it would totally be a grammar nerd. Seriously, Dragonborn, you really need to use the accusative if you're talking about a direct object.

The Friendly Snowman --- Secret Santa on viatessblog.com

Do you wanna build a snowman? Growing up in Minnesota, it was a requirement to spend hours making a friendly snowman, some forts, and sledding.

Nintendo consoles throughout the years as represented by the different Pokemon games.

The evolution of Nintendo console product placenta in Pokemon. (From the Pokemon games)

~* Kitty Shenanigans *~

16 GIFs That Perfectly Capture Your Life With A Younger Sibling

As we all know, irritating each other for no reason whatsoever is the basis of having a healthy sibling life.

Of course, I listen to holiday music through the whole year. One of my favorite holiday songs is Sparrow on the Birch by the Crofts Family.