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Sore Throat - A Lozenge in Life Jason's musings on communication

He and Jack (his sword) also said the idea of a pen sword was stupid! This meeting would be hilarious

Jason is so sweet. And percy be like wtf is life. What is that green stuff for??

if you are unsure of the choices in life or scared of the future look to me #God

When he (God) becomes FIRST in your life then the relationships aren't so much a REPLACEMENT for his love, they become a reflection of his love -Jason evert

Never thought about this before. Guess it also explains riots. "Feel your life being destroyed".

Frito Lay Gluten Free Information

Gluten Free Food Information: Frito Lay Products-thought this might be helpful for some with kids that are doing gluten free.

"Think about your passions, think about your gifts, then sit in silence and ask what God wants of you." // Jason Evert #Steubie15

But what does he need to say sorry for?!<---- He literally broke her heart and than left. Only to came back with a new girlfriend.

not everyone will make it to your future,, some people are just passing through