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Ceramics by Atelier Stella / on the blog!

Adorable Planters by Atelier Stella

Newbie succulents getting planted for the last weekend of @renegadecraft.  This succulent is a haworthia type more commonly referred to as a "zebra plant." It's one of my faves.  The carving is also new.  Waves for the summer.

Carve - dip in cream glaze - wipe surface. This succulent is a haworthia more commonly referred to as a "zebra plant.

Milly Dent ceramics in Showroom.  Photo – Mindi Cooke for The Design Files.

Ceramics // Milly Dent ceramics in Showroom. Photo – Mindi Cooke for The Design Files.

C’est un grand bol, bon comme un bol de service ou pour la tenue des fruits. Ou bien pour la crème glacée. Je ne juge pas. :) Il a été décoré à l’extérieur d’un engobe turquoise foncé qui a été sculpté de suite dans un modèle de fougère pour révéler la couleur blanche naturelle de l’argile en dessous, un processus appelé sgraffito. Ses près de 9 pouces de diamètre et un peu plus de 3 pouces de hauteur. Il tient confortablement 42 onces liquides.  Toutes mes pièces sont entièrement…

Ceramic Bowl - Branch Out Bowl - Pottery Bowl - Handmade Ceramics and Pottery - Dark Teal

there is movement in this ceramic wave, there is a lot of texture shown and the wave appears that it is moving.                                                                                                                                                     More

Ocean-Inspired Ceramic Sculptures Resemble Cresting Waves

Like artists Paul DeSomma and Marsha Blaker, Denise Romecki finds inspiration for her sculptures in cresting waves. The big difference is that, while DeSom

Jellyfish wall sculptures. Set of 3. Dimensional wall art for a pop of fun. If youre looking for wall art ideas, these have a unique texture for coastal, pirate, or ocean themed decor. Waterproof and mold proof for bathrooms or outdoor use, Pool house decorations. Jelly hangs flush on the wall with a small nail. They appear to be floating up the wall. There are extra holes for hanging at an angle, you can be creative with your grouping letting them swim in any direction. Clear blue with…

Set of 3 art installation. Sea glass blue Indoor or outdoor pool, bathroom wall decor fish

ceramic cup with octopus tentacles -I bet Mark could make this for me....

Octopus Inspirations in Modern Interior Design and Home Decor