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コナンlog [1]

Imagine if Conan is a girl in this picture, then this is a couple war!

Brock and Lucy. o-o what in the world. lolol. Who ruined it? Was it May?! I need to find this episode and watch it again. *-* I know it's in Hoenn so I'm thinking May..

Brock's Eyes Are Handy

Lucy (Gen 3 Battle Frontier) likes Brock's eyes! Yes someone who takes interest in Brock!

Case Closed, Sherlock, Detektiv Conan

im Aussie and its not this bad. however u do get used to dangerous animals! XD >> Never thought of this...all has been revealed....

Even Trump is offended by this

why do people live in Australia everything wants to kill you <--- *crying forever*<--- that might be true, but it's not very nice.

Sasuke and Sarada (I'm gonna cry..)

but how the hell is "SPOILER ALERT! he killed your grandparents" gonna be a good ~bed time~ story.

sherlock holmes and conan edogawa - Google Search

sherlock holmes and conan edogawa - Google Search