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DeviantArt: More Like Draw The Squad 3 by ShorterThanTheEeasel

Draw the Squad by The-Rusakov-Estate on DeviantArt I'd probably be the person crying.

This is sooo cool

Frank getting hit, Percy kicking, Piper and Jason on the bench together, Hazel in the middle, Leo on the left side and Annabeth videoing

Позы, влюблённые, компания, композиция, идея

Позы, влюблённые, компания, композиция, идея

Gold with the noodles, Mary drunk beside Marion, Springtrap and Cindy kissing, Goldie and Freddy in the front being their queer selves

Gajeel and Levy kissing, Natsu and Lucy on the floor, Gray the uncomfortable one with the beer and Juvia is next to him, Erza's in the corner with the noodles