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Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?

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This is a true testament to the evolution of writing. In fact, seeing people laugh at Hamilton back in makes me laugh at them in 2016 now that it's a Grammy winning, Pulitzer winning, and world movement today. (Hamilton: An American Musical)

#Hamilton #Hamiltonthemusical #theschylursisters

#Hamilton #Hamiltonthemusical #theschylursisters

A Million Things I Haven’t Done I Credit to Secondlina's Panels on tumblr

secondlina: “ A Million Things I Haven’t Done… Hamilton print by yours truly! Please support the cast and show by buying the soundtrack and listening to it obsessively like I do.


whats-your-name-man: thelilnan: Alex Hamilton discovers New York winters this is the cutest fanart i’ve ever seen i’m sitting here smiling like an idiot "IN IRELAND--" actual angry Irishman Mulligan XD