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Sharing Life's Biggest Moments on #Facebook

Sharing life's biggest moments - Travelling is by far the most shared stories a study shows.

Here are the deadly results when people say things about science without actually looking at science.

16 years ago, a doctor published a study. It was completely made up, and it made us all sicker.

16 Years Ago, A Doctor Published A Study. It Was Completely Made Up, And It Made Us All Sicker. Andrew Wakefield published in the medical journal The Lancet that he had discovered a link between autism and vaccines.

The HISTOMAP of EVOLUTION: Visually very interesting. Pretty sure I would kill myself even just trying to figure out how to start a project of this detail and magnitude

"The Histomap of Evolution," arranged by John B. Sparks Incredibly beautiful heat map charting the history of evolution!

Image from http://www.jarche.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/workforce-development-mindset.jpg.

Another perspective, from Charles Jennings, uses the framework to prioritize performance support. “If you keep people in the workflow, .

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Visualizing Kickstarter (The Economist)