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Amy Lee from Evanescence - She helped me find my voice. I still sing her songs in my car.

Amy Lee - the most angelic voice in music!

She has saved my life numerous times. THIS is a role model, not the popular 'music' out there today so many people love. Thank you Amy Lee for always being there for me through your music.

I have loved with this band since late 2010, when I was only 11 years old I'm kinda glad for their breaking up tho. Amy is starting a family now, so her music is more fitting for raising a child now; it's softer and more instrumental. Plus she won't be traveling on tour. Good and bad:):(

Evanescence - Group Shot

Evanescence -Lead Singer Amy Lee straight out of Pulaski Academy.

Amy Lee - evanescence Photo love the way she dresses

Amy Lee Of Evanesence she has the most beautiful and haunting voice I have ever heard.