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Just make the entire thing square, the cap, the knob you use to turn it up and down, and the tube itself

Beautiful scroll Work around a very different Door....The Scroll looks Keltic in Style (but could be one of 5 or 6 different Celtic Script alone) ~ It is no matter from all are truly wonderful ~ I see the outline of a Hunting Dog so off I go a seeking an midnight again :)) ~ Love this Door ~

Birthday Board: mine is a little different than the original pin I saw of this. Since I have so many birthdays to include, I opted for two separate tags, one for month, and one for days. Mine is a canvas instead of wood. The tags are just cardboard pre-made tags from Hobby Lobby. Wooden knobs from there as well, and twice to hang them. The months are stickers- my handwriting isn't THAT nice! And used chevron tape for the first time and it worked well! I'll never forget a birthday again!

I used to hate change until I realized that every big change I have made in my life has bettered my life.. embrace change and become a better person in the process and build a better future for yourself.