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A picture book for little girls; ages 4-8, to build and strengthen self esteem. Every little girl looks in the mirror and wonders, “am I beautiful?” How we see ourselves as little girls has so much to do with how we ultimately see ourselves as grown women. Mommy, am I Beautiful? speaks to every little girl, and the little girl in every woman.

"Honor Your Father and Mother"... saw this at homeschool conf and it looks great... teaches young children what it means to obey (ages 2-12) $12

Poke-A-Dot: 10 Little Monkeys (30 Poke-able poppin; dots) These Poke-A-Dot books are a HUGE hit with my toddlers (between 20 and 24 months). The poke-the-dots are like popping packing bubbles - my daughter is already counting (basics) before 24 months because of these books! The label on amazon says that the books are for kids over 3 years old, but my two can't get enough of them.

So many Christian adults still need to learn how to control their temper. "BE ANGRY and DO NOT SIN," Eph. 4:26. This must have been the first thing that I had to conquer with God's grace. Count 1 to 10... walk away... check the condition of your heart with the Lord.