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Yoongi/ BTS x Singles Magazine Jan 2017 Issue -

He slays me with his tongue technology It does something to a part of my anatomy It sends me into shock where I lay on the ground, a piece of Rock

he looks like a cute baby who never got his cookie//shabia

Jiminie at Idol Party. *covers face with hands* what did armys do to deserve this precious mochi.

BTS || DNA fanart

BTS /// fanart /// /// everyone plrase let's just appreciate this pure talent right here (♡●♡) xx

이런쒸 얼굴 꾸기짛ㅎ맗라곻ㅎ 씨발 내가지금ㅎ장난하능ㅎ걸루 보옇?ㅎ...큼!!크흠!!!푸훕...!!! 얼굴 그르켛ㅎ쓸꺼면 나줘.. 진시미야....ㅠ

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