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19th Amendment: The Right to Wear Yoga Pants T-Shirt

Amendment: The Right to Wear Yoga Pants T-Shirt

What 19th Amendment? It's a trend lately, that if a party is afraid of losing an election, they pass legislation barring key groups in their opponents' base from voting. And clearly, it's something Texas has taken to heart. Right after Wendy Davis declared that she was running for governor, Texas Republicans set out to disenfranchise women from voting, 19th Amendment be damned. As of November 5, Texans must show a photo ID with their up-to-date legal name.

What 19th Amendment?

Amendment- Women's right to vote. This Amendment proved equality in America of white, black, men, and women. I personally appreciate this amendment considering I am female and get to participate in the next election. Every vote counts.

BC Suffragette Victory

Historical Newspaper Headline, Suffragette Victory Poster created by yesterdaysgirl. Order as shown, or change the print size or paper type & add custom framing.

19TH AMENDMENT Women's Flowy Muscle (White Slub)

19TH AMENDMENT Women's Flowy Muscle (White Slub)

Alice Paul and the 19th Amendment Worksheet: Great Reading

Alice Paul and the 19th Amendment Worksheet: Great Reading

This worksheet allows students learn about the protests in front of the White House by Alice Paul and other suffragettes. I use this worksheet to give students

19th Amendment Mug

Unlike the PSL, voting rights are always in season! Our ceramic mug emblazoned with the text of the Amendment is sure to inspire your day.

19th Amendment (Vol 0) (Paperback) (Laura Loria)

19th Amendment (Vol 0) (Paperback) (Laura Loria)

-*+95 years ago today, August 18, 1920, the United States ratified the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, granting women the right to vote. This was a tremendous victory for women throughout this country, a product of a hard-fought, 70-year battle for suffrage. In honor of this important day in history, and in honor of the suffragettes whoContinue reading…

vintage everyday: These Ridiculous Propaganda Postcards Warn Men About the Dangers of Women’s Rights From the Early Century

19TH AMENDMENT Unisex Muscle Tee (White)

This classic HERstory® Apparel muscle tee design features a crew neck with wide arm holes and is made from superior ring-spun cotton.