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El arca de Noé

Noah's ark, not the Hollywood version but as it was truly described in the Bible. Read it in your Bible at Genesis

God Jesus, Beagle, Friends, Peanuts Gang, Snoopy

Yes, bigger than all of it.

So true! He really is bigger! God's Greatness described so beautifully! He is bigger than whatever may be bothering. What you must do is surrender to Him and His love. He is there to catch you when you fall. He loves you so much.


Faces like wifi it's invisible but it has the power to connect you to what you need. Keep the Faith! Quote diary Me

The devil comes in many different forms trying to lead us astray but my faith in God will always take me on the right path.

Inspirational Things

Doing CYIA can be hard. The devil takes things that are bothering me in my life and makes them 10 times worse than they actually are. So that must mean that God is winning