I love the baby octopus! But notice that millipedes have very short legs which aren't too good at holding things.

Watch the world burn

Funny pictures about Friendly advice from Satan. Oh, and cool pics about Friendly advice from Satan. Also, Friendly advice from Satan.

Don't even lie. Its funny when you get all into reading it out loud! LOL

In an alternate universe...

Sincerely, these had me laughing out loud! Grab someone who can laugh with you. Then read these aloud. I'm crying 'cause I'm laughing so hard.

This site has a bunch of cool tops!

Lets Get Naked Racerback Tank

Lets get naked tanktop - LHDC Clothing. I need this in my life

Ah, teenagers

I have seriously had this conversation with myself.no I seriously had this conversation in my head ahahaha ha

Funny pictures

I did this at my graduation! Lol mulan grad photo is always fun :) ____ 😂😂😂 I will do this to if I had younger siblings.

Sometimes I see these things, and I’m AMAZED at how freaking cute kids are…

My favorite is of the girl who puts her dog in the stroller. The dog looks so defeated and the girl looks so happy.