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More then just Cat Litter Box plus Scoop with big opening. Innovative, active filter system helps minimize litter box odor for 30 days.

27 Useful DIY Solutions For Hiding The Litter Box

How to hide your cat litter box. what a great way to not have the litter box sitting out! 27 great tutorials on how to hide the litter box from you and your house guests but not from your cats! everyone wins

Cat litter boxes are typically pretty ugly. We came up with a design for a diy kitty litter box and we are loving it. and so is the cat.

eilen tein: pesä (How to crochet a cave for your cat.English instructions toward the end of the post!

Two level Cat furniture/sratch post for your pet's play time and sratching needs.

"Dog Proof" Cat Litter Box

Litter pans are a problem. Especially when you have a large cat who can't fit in a small litter box and a dog who considers cat poop a delicacy.

CatsPlay offers many types of cat furniture in many different designs and styles. Browse different cat tree options, models and configurations.

A Pretty Way To Hide Kitty Litter

Victoria and her husband are cat people, living in a 1350 square ft condo in Washington DC. Instead of putting the litter box in the bathroom, they decided to put it in the foyer

The wall cat wheel // the wall bike for cats by HolinDesign

Fluffy confused kitten MY GIF so © to me video "Fluffy Kitten Is Confused " [link] © page is my last.

DIY Cat Tent

I don't have a cat but I love is idea. Maybe I'll make one for my dog since he's small enough :) DIY Cat Tent from a T-Shirt and a Wire Hanger

36 pieces of mod pet furniture nicer than your actual furniture – like this wicker nightstand that doubles as a kitten house and climbing gym.