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sans and chara | undertale

Then sans jumps up in the air and gaster blasts the SHIT out of chara>>>I feel something crawling on my back and it isn't sins.nope it's pure fear.

Me pregunto que hubiera pasado si frisk hubiera sido el primer humano en caer y hubieran sido ellos tres la que la hubieran encontrado(para mi frisk es mujer )

Lol 😂 cute 😆 (Sans, Papyrus, and Gaster- Undertale)

undertale, gaster, sans, undyne, papyrus

undertale, sans, undyne, papyrus, gaster IM CRYING ITS SO FUNNY I LOVE ITTTT--> is anyone having a dejavu moment?

undertale, papyrus, gaster, sans, frisk

undertale, papyrus, gaster, sans, frisk--The Gravity Falls reference is strong…

Undertale: Gone but Not Forgottin' by Siinnack on DeviantArt

Lnsdklbndfnklsdf I love the idea of Gaster, i'm sorry. Hope you like it~ gaster, sans (c) Toby Fox Undertale: Gone but Not Forgotten


//rubs shoulder awkwardly *Pacifist Route I imagine Underfell!Papyrus would vow his eternal love faithfulness towards you after winning hi.

W.D Gaster with baby sans,  Omg sans is so cute and this Comic is awesome : GOOD JOB WHO MADE THIS :D

Baby sans doing the opposite Gaster: I am really happy he moved but scared and annoyed at the same time.he is getting really smart Sans:. *levitates into his father's lap* Gaster: sans you lazy bones.

Handplates 5 (made by Zarla Sheenaza from deviantart.com)

Little do they know ((by zarla on DeviantArt)) I think I like this idea better then ghaster being their father and they grow up together. Sans and Papyrus definitely have brotherly love towards each other, and theyd do anything for each other