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Eyenimal Pet Video Camera Deal of the Day | Groupon Abilene, TX

Eyenimal Pet Video Camera Deal of the Day

Makes me laugh every time I watch it!

The Ultimate Dog Tease! Who doesn't love bacon? Or kitty treats? Or better yet, bacon wrapped kitty treats? Join the Pet Uprise, and check out this hilarious talking dog.

Attack Of The Funny Animals - 24 Pics

"I was hiding under your porch because I love you." It's the real life Dug

"Are you serious" "What the hell?" This face says both without saying a word.

11 Things In Your Kitchen You Should Throw Away ASAP

When our CUTE PUPPIES start acting weird; know the many signs & symptoms of dog epilepsy & dog seizures.

Sadly my Shih Tzu eats my Pom's poop and the Vet says it's normal....acccckkkk

My dogs eat poop. Their own poop, each others and the cats, it makes me so sick! Stop eating poop!

Cat Eating Ice Cream

Oh my goodnes an orange kitten and a black and white kitten sharing an ice cream cone. Too cute! Don't know if icecream is good for them, but it's a great photo!

492862752942977762 Why dogs are the best of all the things.

Just a few reasons to own a dog. This is possibly my favorite pin of all timer tear up.

I am in love with this! Laughing hysterically!!!

Shaming dogs.

Funny pictures about Shaming dogs. Oh, and cool pics about Shaming dogs. Also, Shaming dogs.

"I am currently unsupervised... I know, it freaks me out too. But the possibilities are endless!" ~ Dog Shaming shame - too stinking cute

Maltese funny picture What a mess! Is your Maltese guilty of doing this? My Maltese likes to play with the toilet paper roll. but only after the paper is finished. What is that funny thing that your Maltese