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Yup....   Anybody know what show this is from?

Girls' Generation on

keke when it comes to KPOP and KDRAMAS the Lord is always testing us!

She was pretty

It's the most annoying thing! I yell at my computer like "Tell him the truth now!

The Heirs #funny #k-drama #meme

Lol I laughed so hard at that "Heirs" Poor Kim Woo Bin obviously the writes were poking fun at him.<< Eyebrows makes a comeback

' Doctors ☆ 「 Episode 2 」 "Why am I yours? I'm mine. Nobody can have me." -Hye Jung. ㅡ { #doctors #kdrama } !

Heyaaaa wait to go girl, park shin hye as a sassy gangster woohoo dream come true the opening episodes are sooooo catchy Enjoyment: It's still ongoing though lol Drama: doctors

Yes, this would be it for me!!! I know they say "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach", well it also works for me. Lol

"I didn't know what you like, so I bought them all" - Lee Min Ki Shut Up Flower Boy Band man I love that drama

I missed 30 seconds to many trying to explain. That's 1 death, 2 back hugs, and 3 cases of amnesia!

via Drama Queen sometimes they aren't even oppas, they're dongsaengs!

Fun and crazy, i'm all about the good times baby. :) Have a peek into snippets of my thoughts and everything that is asian drama that is my obsession. Are you a certified Asian Drama Addict and do.

Watch Jeon Ji Hyun in My Love from Another Star

her english accent is just too funny! (more like any asian reference for me though) -- My Love from Another Star, My Love from the Star

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There are a few dramas where I'm like "WTF! How does that even happen?" And I demand an explanation to my computer screen.