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Being with Scott

Welcome to 2014. Here's what I'll be doing with the blog this year: 281 Relax and Succeed - And if I could tell you one thing

The Comforts of Home

Today's blog suggests that you might actually do better with less pressure, not more: 623 Relax and Succeed - I can't tell you the key to success


Today's blog asks, how much time do you waste doing this? 594 Relax and Succeed - We waste so many days

Someone Like You

Do you want to know the secret to happiness? As today's blog points out, just stop trying to be better and be yourself instead, because it turns out there's nothing people like more than authenticity: 609 Relax and Succeed - Never change your originality

Big Changes

Are you blinded by your own life? Today's blog: 772 Relax and Succeed - Where there is too much

Angry Souls

Today's blog is about why you should be grateful for the angry people in your life: 235 Relax and Succeed - To all the people