chris Pine...his face, his eyes, his smile, hell everything about this guy is made of WIN. And is it me, or does he kinda look like the dude from NCIS?

As long as Chris Pine is Captain Kirk, I will continue to attend Star Trek movies.

Chris Pine-i could tolerate him as Christian Grey....yep

Chris Pine -- the eyes. All the more reason to watch Star Trek.

Chris it getting warm in here, it feels kinda warm, or is it just me?  Sighhhhh...

Suit and tie Chris Pine

Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth looking concerned

Fine Pine

Chris Pine, down right my husband!

I'm actually watching "Rise of the Guardians" so I'm on a Chris Pine kick...

Who Wants To Play With Denzel? Every Top Young Actor From Ryan Reynolds To Shia LaBeouf And Taylor Kitsch, That's Who

Chris Pine = Christian Grey (in my opinion)

Chris Pine - lost my breath for a moment. I don't even like him, but yeah.. he's.. nice.. ;)

Star Trek Photo: Chris Pine - New Captain Kirk


Jesse Williams - Jackson Avery from Grey's Anatomy. He has the most beautiful eyes

Chris Pine; another handsome young fella I might like as a son-in-law. Lol.

I thought Chris Pine was freaking hot back when I first saw him in Princess Diaries 2 (with his funky hair) and Just My Luck then he plays the new Kirk and I can't even!

Chris Evans

Chris Evans / Captain America / The Avengers