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A new mobile messaging application called FireChat is empowering nearby smartphone users to stay in touch even when there’s no cellular service or Internet connection. In just two weeks since its release on the iPhone, FireChat already has provided a flicker of hope for people pining for more effective, secure and affordable ways to communicate. […]

Wearable Technology: It's About More Than Just Google Glass

PCMags current favorite piece of fitness tracking equipment, the FitBit One | Careful of this one getting tossed in the wash accidentally

What Makes a Phone a Smartphone?

Smartphone (late 2000's): Smartphone's combine aspects from cellphones and PDA's in order to create mobile units with more advanced computing capabilities. A few examples of these mobile technologies include most Android, Apple and Blackberry based phones.

When you hop into Apple or Google's app stores on your smartphone or tablet and literally have more than a million apps enticing you, it's easy to get quickly overwhelmed. Of cours...

There are millions of apps available, but most of them are duds. Here are five that will make you say 'Wow!'...

Jet Set Large Smartphone Wristlet

A signature style that always reads chic—our Jet Set logo phone case is the charming go-to accessory for when you want to travel light and look refined. This savvy zip case will keep your coveted technology safe, while the metallic hardware ups the glamour. Toss it in your tote, or use the leather wristlet strap to keep sophisticated style close at hand.

20 Things You Should Throw Away for Better

You don't need to toss your iPhone or Android out completely (phew!), but you should definitely unplug from time to time. Mounting research indicates that information overload—what happens when you use smart devices constantly—is linked to depression and anxiety

Got a fancy new phone? Don’t toss your old one in the trash: Make some money off it by recycling it with @maxback. Choose your device and rate its condition. They give you a price and a shipping label to mail it. You get paid via check or PayPal, and the Earth stays a little cleaner.