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My Brain is Upside Down!: Embarrassed: Teachers, Can We Talk About This?

Tantrums? Neuroscience, emotions, and behavior. Flipping your lid and the Hand Model of the Brain by Dr. Dan Siegel

A Neurologist Makes the Case for Teaching Teachers About the Brain!!! Yes... as a teacher and a mom of a dyslexic child, I would rather sit in a PD about research based stuff not just stuff some teacher has done a little internet search on or done with their one group of kids!

Watch two neurons connect as the brain learns something new. Very powerful to show to children to encourage them to continue trying when things are difficult.

Use with Romeo and Juliet unit--The mysterious workings of the adolescent brain. Why teenagers do what they do.

Blogger and teacher Shawn Cornally illustrates how differing abstraction levels in teenagers can make all the difference in how well they grasp the concepts we're trying to teach.

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