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Autumn in the country

Sweet Country Life ~ Simple Pleasures ~ Apples are Ready Y'all ~The Four Seasons (fresh fruit salad apple cider)

twilight in the garden

Cherub's Bouquet Make the most of garden statuary when planning your outdoor decor. This garden angel's gleaming bouquet creates a dramatic interplay of light and shadow on the sculpted stone

! Fine Art painting ✿Roses and other seasons

Royal albert roses & tea cup -Original Oil painting © Atelier Flont- Roses & Other seasons -

000018.jpg (981×1569)

I love this arrangement of the flower, the Iris. It happens to be my very favorite flower!


still life with rose, a pear, teapot on the painted chest. by Pilar Irene

wildflowers and apples

Love this of wispy on the windowsill . love the odd-shaped windows btw, and the doily with fruit, sheer curtains . beautiful vignette for a cottage or farmhouse style windowsill !

The First Day of Creation by Edward Byrne Jones

"The First Day of Creation" -- -- Edward Burne-Jones -- British -- Part 'The Days of Creation' series -- Oil on canvas -- Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, MA

Create art with plywood as your canvas!  Items needed: plywood, acrylic paint and brushes.

150th Power of Paint Party ~ Plywood Art

Art on plywood instead of an expensive canvas! Create art of plywood! You just need scrap plywood, acrylic craft paints and some brushes.