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Creating Comics Online

Just as comics encourage reluctant readers to read, online comic editors can encourage reluctant writers to write! Our #LearningToolkit blog shares resources. Click for more.

Cute ideas for Drop Everything And Read..some printable resources. Do it every day instead of just a special day.

Why You Need to Stop Limiting Boy's Reading Choices

A Reading Rant, 10 Reasons Not to Limit Your Boy's Reading Choices. (Good to keep in mind for girls, too!)

GUYS READ and GUYS LISTEN are literacy programs encouraging boys to appreciate books and reading of all kinds. By embracing technology… encouraging choice…and expanding the traditional definition of reading you can help boys become self-motivated, lifelong readers.

celebrate creativity: PBS Kids writers contest for K-3

celebrate creativity: @Patti B Stamp KIDS writers contest for --> SUPER opportunity for our littlest writers to share their work!

Every unit is all ninja, all the time. Ninja jokes, ninja facts, ninja stories. Students will have a riot of a time learning about Commas in a Series! FREE POWERPOINT by Created for Learning

Worth trying... Did you know that placing a red dot in the middle of words can help children see the whole word? Try it for students who just look at the beginning of words and then guess.