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what can each of us do? 1. Save wetlands (they capture carbon-mature wetlands capture the most). 2. Pressure congress on oil drilling safety (nothing has changed since BP spill and oil spills kill mature wetlands). 3. Plant trees and wetlands. Give money to organizations who do. THANKS!

Everybody got choices. Choose wisely it sets the path to/for the temporal and eternity. Eternity is a long time to be wrong!!!!!

Amen!! And then sometimes you just have to walk away even after they're forgiven. You can never forget some people's actions, just simply try to forgive and then separate yourself from their web of lies dysfunction and manipulation. (I speak from experience on this one as you may

Beautifully said! Well, that explains some of the jerks I've met along the way... To show me that, that is who I DO NOT want to be, be with or have around in the future.

I need to remember this so I don't feel guilty for not always accomplishing something with my time - G