Scientists have announced that the American mountain lion or cougar is now re-populating US Midwest

Scientists have announced that the American Puma, (aka: The Mountain Lion and/or Cougar) is now re-populating The US Midwest.

Photography Tips for your 'Point and Shoot' cameras - read the comments left by people after the article, there are more tips there.   Can't wait to try some of them.

How to Keep Electronics Going With No Power - from New York Times Technology Writer - the comments are very helpful

Idaho Fish and Game officers are setting traps for a mountain lion in Idaho that has attacked pets. The goal is to trap, and kill, the big cat(s). Predators such as mountain lions play a critical role in maintaining healthy ecosystems.

Florida State Animal Panther | Florida Panther Fights for Survival Again–This Time in Washington D ...

The Florida panther is the most endangered cat in North America. With only 100 - 160 cats in the wild, the panther most likely would not exist without the Endangered Species Act.

Mountain Lion in Heat [VIDEO] ... no dry humpin my leg!

There are several names that are used to refer to the mountain lion such as puma, mountain cat, coug

Cougar Vs Bear - Animal Stories

Cougar, Puma, Mountain Lion, whatever name you choose to give him, always remember to give him space.

The University of Houston brings back the live cougar mascot — with a catch

Shasta VI, the new UH live cougar mascot, is being "unveiled" at the Houston Zoo this weekend!

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Animals For > Mountain Lion Attack Horse