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31 Stellar Examples of Surrealistic Art

Mt. St. Helens eruption, 1980.  Photo by Jim Cottingham

Helens eruption, the deadliest and most economically destructive volcanic event in the history of the United States. Fifty-seven people were killed; 250 homes, 47 bridges, 15 miles km) of railways, and 185 miles km) of highway were destroyed

Reminds me of my nymph-based book, part of my Marvelous Adventures series.

This interest me because it looks as if three picture have been combined into one overlapping each other. Tough this painting is black and white you see the dark areas and then the lighter areas. Travel and Photography from around the world.

Mark Nixon's "Chimecco," a kinetic sculpture ( by the Sea exhibition in Aarhus, Denmark.)

Chimecco Kinetic Sculpture

Mark Nixon's "Chimecco," a kinetic sculpture ( by the Sea exhibition in Aarhus, Denmark.) We can hang some timber tubes/ pieces for people to interact with the installation and make music while walking through

The answer to the age old Question: " What is worn under a kilt?" Answer: "Nothing."

Black Watch - When wearing the kilt, it is customary for troops to "go regimental" or "military practice", wearing no underwear. In a Black Watch soldier received wide press exposure, because of windy conditions during a military ceremony in Hong Kong

Бока Которский залив, фотограф Yuya Matsuo

Бока Которский залив, фотограф Yuya Matsuo

If I could really build a stairway to heaven, you know I would be right up there to take you home with me!

A ladder can mean a chance to gain new promotion, to scale new heights, success or spiritually it can mean meditation, prayer greater understanding of spiritual things Sarolta Bán

Oskar Kokoschka (Autriche, 1886-1980) – Autoportrait (1937) National Galleries Scotland, Edimbourg, Ecosse

Self-Portrait of a Degenerate Artist Eight of Kokschka's paintings were included in the exhibition of Degenerate 'Art' organised by the Nazis to pour scorn on modern art.