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The ocean is slowly dying because of us, and the ocean's sea creatures suffer because of us! What can YOU do that will make me change these words into something good? Remember to always throw away your trash, pick up trash, and bring NO PLASTIC to the beach! All these little things can help save a sea creature's life! Everyone can be a wildlife hero even if you do these little things! - Wildlife Earth on Pinterest, for all the wildlife news, facts, and pictures!

The ocean & its creatures are slowly dying because of us.: Pick up & discard trash; take NO PLASTIC to the beach! This can help save a sea creature's life! Be a wildlife hero!

Real Deep Sea Creatures | Then we have the Axolotl... which is rather like alien life... but you ...

Last week, the IUCN 2009 Seamount expedition ended, with scientists sampling two final seamounts in the Indian Ocean. Caught at was this deep-sea anglerfish, also known as a seatoad. Sarah Gotheil From BBC news

National Geographic News May 18, 2013 Milky Way flowing into the sea. Madagascar Island east, from French territory Reunion Island coast, it's one fantastic you've taken over the Indian Ocean. Photo Contest and an empty 4th International Earth (Fourth International Earth and Sky Photo Contest), and was elected to the 2-position "beautiful starry sky (Beauty of the Night Sky)" of the department.

LOOK: Earth & Sky Photo Contest Winners

2013 Earth and Sky Photo Contest — Place in Beauty of the Night Sky. “Crossed Destinies” by Luc Perrot from Reunion Island of France (Indian Ocean) is the second place winner in the Beauty of the Night Sky category.

James Dive's "God's eye view" project uses google earth + 3D modeling to recreate biblical scenes as seen from space.

'God's eye view': Artist uses Google Earth images to recreate parting of Red Sea and Christ's crucifixion

Why our seas are collapsing [Infographic] | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Why our seas are collapsing [Infographic]

A miniature version of the Nile River, seen on Saturn’s moon Titan by the international Cassini mission. The river valley stretches more than 400 km from its ‘headwaters’ to a large sea, and likely contains hydrocarbons. The image was acquired on 26 September 2012, on Cassini’s 87th close flyby of Titan.    Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2012-12-cassini-mini-nile-river-saturn.html#jCp

Is that the River Nile? But it is the biggest river ever imaged on another world. White liquid methane rapids rafting on Titan anyone?

Great Barrier Reef, Australia... Especially since it's being destoryed by dangerously high carbon-dioxide levels and may not be worth visiting much longer. :(

Great barrier reef, Australia The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest coral reef system, located in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland.