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Someone asked me if I had any tips on making gloves, and I just snapped a few pictures of my own that I was making. Just thought I'd share it with you guys, hope it comes in handy ! This was origin...

Frog juice (Like most cool stuff it's probably not for sale anywhere in Belgium, but whoa do I want it!) <---- okay this is amazing and now I want some and excuse the language but seriously I need this stuff. It's going on my list right after InstaMorph and Batwoman Comics

9 Cosplay Tips To Help You Not Kill Yourself Cosplaying

Now that cosplay is more mainstream and the community is very active, lots of cosplayers share their tips and tricks with the whole world! So here are a fe

bandits-at-sea: Today’s tutorial is on waterproof paint, or paint that will stay for an extended period of time. I wouldn’t advise using this on your face, either.Full-sized image here: more Homestuck related images and tutorials, go here!

Doctor Strange: Cat Sorcerer Supreme