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Take a culinary journey through Mexico, tasting the flavours of Oaxaca, Puebla, Mexico City and the south-west coast. From markets through ancient ruins to seaside ceviche and tasty streetside vendors, this is a Real Food Adventure like no other.

X is for Xi'ian street food. Xi'ia is one of the oldest cities in China, not to mention one of China's 4 great ancient capitals. No Chinese trip is complete without a visit to these incredible markets to taste many traditional, and some just downright unusual, delicacies.

O is for Oaxaca in Mexico, known world wide for its culinary delights and famous mole sauces, this is also where you will find Chapulines (roasted crickets), tamales, and the irresistible Smokey, tequila-like mescal.

Who would have thought a simple dough, twisted and made into a ring shape, dunked in molasses and sesame seeds, sold on those crowded, dusty streets would be the food every Turkish person craves and longs for the most? Who would have thought that even after many attempts to make it in our homes, no matter how close it is to the real thing, we would still say “This is not the same, something is missing!” and we would believe that it will never be the same unless we buy it from the guy we knew

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