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One down one to go pretty legwarmers not too bad for first time with cable needles if I say so myself :)


Pretty Cast On - PicnicKnits "You actually cast on 1/3 the number of stitches, using the long-tail method over two needles. Then in each stitch you work a (k, yo, k) to bring it up to the required number."

This is a 10 stitch Blanket which spirals till you run out of yarn. And you only need a pair of little double-pointed needles to do a whole blanket. None of the tedious pick-up-stitches across a whole long seam, as you have to with most "log cabin" patterns.

Soft and pretty jacket with #lace pattern and shawl collar in ”Air”. New #FreePattern now available at #DROPSDesign

Cutest Knitted DIY: FREE Pattern for Cozy Slipper Boots

Cutest Knitted DIY: FREE Pattern for Cozy Slipper Boots ~ I crochet and really like these boots SO I think I will translate the knit into crochet? Anybody else ever do this?

How to Join in the Round Invisibly To join in the round invisibly, cast on one more stitch than your pattern calls for. Then, when you’re ready to join in the round, slip this extra stitch to the left needle. Using the working yarn and the yarn tail held together, knit the first two stitches together. Now drop the tail and knit as you normally would.

Grey Cat - pdf crochet toy pattern (amigurumi kitten pattern)