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#live #love #laugh

#live #love #laugh

he has the most intriguing light honey brown eyes he has freckles down his spine and he loves riding his bike down old roads he has an old house out in the woods he's lived in his whole life he has the most addicting laugh and i fell HOPELESSLY in love with him and didn't sleep for the next week. -@shrugdealer

i wish i could accept love. i wish it didn't make my stomach turn. i love him, i just cant be with him. and that hurts like hell.

By Charlie Brown Inspirational  #Isoneededthis! #lifebringssomanysituations #ThankuGodforstrength

By Charlie Brown Inspirational #Isoneededthis! #lifebringssomanysituations #ThankuGodforstrength

"Any questions?" *hands go up* "..that ARENT hurtful?" *hands go down*

“Any one have any ideas” one hand goes up “that doesn’t involve murder” hand goes down.

... nope I hate everything *dies*

Some of these are really funny like the barefoot in spring one but the marco and jean one is uncalled for! This is really not funny

Joseph Campbell describes the journey hero's take in stories, but I believe that we all can learn something from these stages. I hold this belief because we all should be the hero in our own lives ...

Joseph Campbell’s 17 Stages of the Hero’s Journey

I can't believe there was ever a moment I didn't think you were beautiful

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. Make your life special! Idk how I walked past I. and failed to notice that the most charming man on earth was standing in the same room as I

Aye so i started this Instagram account and barely have any followers so...idk i would appreciate it if you guys would follow me ? It's sassofcass :)

I ship it<<< bruh every single person in the phandom does<< pretty much, besides the danrific shippers.


17 'Dear Evan Hansen' Memes That Will Either Make You Laugh Or Cry - Theatre Nerds

Giraffe problems. I wouldn't know, I have no neck... Lol

Giraffe problems.

Funny pictures about Pros And Cons Of Being A Giraffe. Oh, and cool pics about Pros And Cons Of Being A Giraffe. Also, Pros And Cons Of Being A Giraffe photos.