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Cook it in the fireplace

Cook it in the fireplace

How To - Cook In Your Fireplace Or Woodstove. Long Handles: A Must.  Although the Dutch Oven, is the most versatile of fireplace cooking utensils, there are several specialty items for fun fireplace cooking. Each serves a different purpose, but they all have long handles to keep your food just the right distance from the fire: roasting forks,  pie iron, popcorn poppers :)

Plow & Hearth Neighborhood - How To - Cook In Your Fireplace Or Woodstove ~ for the next time our power goes out during an ice storm.

Camping Battery Lights. - Rhyan Finch Team www.FinchTeam.com 757-255-8289

99 Cutting-Edge Camping Creations

Nice and cool Idea with a ton of uses. Battery Lights - A Battery + a light bulb + designer Richard Lawson = A Richard Lawson designed battery lamp of course. These things are so cool, simple, co.

Fill up your new tub in your bathroom, kitchen or even your living room. Hop in, zip up, plop a beverage in the cup holder and enjoy. Just pull the plug to drain the water. It's that easy to have a bath in your place too! Inner Size: 45.5L x 17W x 15H zips in any person up to 6'5" and 280 lbs Outer Size: 60L x 33W x 18H Please Note: Measure the space available in your bathroom/kitchen/apartment before buying. Do not buy unless you have space for this FULL-SIZE Bathtub. ...

A inflatable, covered bathtub that is about to take your Netflix binge to the next level.-What I want to know is, why is she dressed in the bathtub?

HOW TO COOK STEAK IN YOUR FIREPLACE                                                                            By Josh Ozersky

Ozersky: Holiday Grilling in Your Own Fireplace

Josh Ozersky on how to cook steak in your fireplace. It might not be the best way to sear a rib eye, but it's definitely the most manly cooking you'll do all year.

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Spend the summer gathering firewood, then you can relax in front of a winter fire contented.

Chuck Wagon Chow Recipe Try serving this mild chili-like dish with tortilla…

Who's hungry for some chuck wagon cooking? Cast iron is just what it says--indestructible. (My mom told me using cast iron helps to add iron to your diet to help build red blood cells.

Learn how to cook over an open fire like the pioneers did.

The Lost Art of Cooking Over a Fire