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The Walking Dead, Ninth Branch Art

The Walking Dead Artwork by Ninth Branch. I thought that this was a really neat piece of artwork. I think that any fan would appreciate this and really love how the artist showcased the main characters.

Daryl...holding Beth in his arms as the feathers from his wings fall... :( RIP Beth... Her death was so impactful

bethyl week, day prompt: red --- daryl & beth © the walking dead art © me

The Walking Dead - Beth and Daryl

Walking Dead recap: 3 things you might have missed in 'Alone'

Fanart of Beth Greene

Any fans of AMC’s the Walking Dead on here? here is some Fanart of Beth Greene I finished last night. I absolutely love the characteronto one more char from show :)

The Walking Dead (2014) by scotty309 on deviantART

This drawing features portraits of the cast from the AMC series "The Walking Dead".Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), Daryl Dixon (Norman Re. The Walking Dead

The Top 11 Sexiest Walking Dead Ships to Sink Your Teeth Into

bethyl week, day 7 prompt: hope --- daryl & beth © the walking dead art © me Bethyl - Hope

The Walking Dead Kill Count

The Walking Dead Kill Count : How Many Walkers Have The Characters Killed And Their Weapons Of Choice

TWD Guns & Ammunition Infographic - The Walking Dead Official Site - Comics & TV Show