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Destiel handholding....what? it's a great hand reference page! >>>> can we just focus in the first picture?! IT'S PERFECT!!!!!

I don't generally ship Destiel but I love the artwork on this page, so I'm pinning it. It's also a great hand reference page!

Cas reading about Dean's sex life (Destiel) OH HOLY... CHUCK!!!?!!!

Cas reading about Dean's sex life (Destiel) OH HOLY. < I am pinning mostly for this.

A Musical episode called Fan Fiction? Whacha wanna bet that half of the tumblr ideas are going to have a moment...

I am fangirling so hard right now xD I knew about the musical episode and everything but i didnt know that the episode would be the musical episode and "Fan Fiction" is the fifth episode of season 10 and thats in 2 weeks :D I'm freaking out

The Doctor and Rose, followed by Loki and Darcy.  Or maybe Sherlock and Molly... But yeah, Ten and Rose came to mind first. K

Apparently my OTP is is Destiel<<<mine is Destiel<<<Destiel. But that's not even my OTP.<<<<<<<mine is Jason Grace and Piper Mclean<<Destiel>>>JadeDave. There's so much Destiel!<< ==> I thought of JohnDave and EriSol. I have problems<<TenRose

Ruby and Sapphire, pearl and mystery girl, and Lapidot, and almost every ship on Steven universe

Every one of my ships but one are gay XD My only straight ship is AusHun<< may have straight ships. But most are gay now.<< my only straight ships are Percabeth,Clace,Clato,clintasha<< one word. Destiel<<< yes

Cute Destiel Kiss. Cas starts to shy away, maybe just to breathe and give Dean a chance to change his mind. But Dean's mouth and Dean's body follow him never really letting the kiss break. Dean doesn't need to think about this, he already knows he wants it. >> repinning bc of that comment

My board is called Supernatural, when really it should be called: "Destiel, Destiel, and a little more Destiel." <<<this is why I have separate boards for Destiel and Supernatural