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In this classic, quintessential cartoon by Mike Lester, two victims of the Twin Towers collapse express a hope in their final moments that New Yorkers will find acceptance rather than prejudice as they rebuild the city. Since the two are depicted in silhouette, with no identifying marks, the viewer cannot discern their race or creed — white, black, Christian, Muslim? The answer, of course, is that it doesn’t matter, that it shouldn’t matter. A good cartoon.

The self-deportation fantasy — childish and inane, the artist suggests through her aping of a six-year-old’s art style — doesn’t go far enough, in the minds of many conservatives. They won’t rest until our southern neighbor itself, sick of the list of guns, violence, fuel for the drug trade and other atrocities spilling down over the border, saws through the Earth’s crust and drifts out to sea. A sobering cartoon.

Only a literal caveman would willfully misconstrue the “you didn’t build that” speech while standing right next to the very infrastructure that made the invention possible. A good cartoon.

Though better suited to vote intelligently than many Americans because of his education and interest in civic duty, the young immigrant is still ineligible; he won’t be deported after Obama’s recent announcement of deferral, but citizenship is still a ways off. He decides the next best thing is to engage in campaigning, and chooses Obama over the candidate that would make his life hell under the euphemism of “self-deportation.” A good cartoon.

Opponents of gay rights are cowards and hypocrites, hiding their bigotry behind facile lies to avoid public ostracism and because their supposed convictions are fundamentally indefensible. A good cartoon.

The government wants Big Oil to spend money on meeting minimum safety requirements, here represented by Obama providing materials to fix the gaps. This would prevent another disaster like Deepwater Horizon, thus safeguarding the future of small businesses and the environment. A Good Cartoon.

Stitched together from other laws into a somewhat ungainly form, and chased by torch-wielding mobs despite such kind acts as rescuing children from drowning, Obamacare is ultimately a misunderstood creature that desperately wants to be accepted in society. A good cartoon.

The idea of raising taxes on the wealthy has been made out to be scary and destructive, but Buffett realizes the damage is just an illusion and there will be no real harm. He even volunteers to go first in order to show how safe it is. A Good Cartoon.

Tax funded disaster relief ensures that even Americans who are sociopathically indifferent to the plight of their countrymen and unlikely to voluntarily contribute to relief efforts can still be made useful. A good cartoon

The conservative vote is a blunt instrument used for violence and forceful alteration, capable of flattening everything into conformity. And it’s in the hands of lumpy, inhuman monsters. A good cartoon.