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What time is it

What time is it

If You Laugh At 16/18 Of These Memes, Then You're Extra AF

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One Direction Memes, Tweety, Twitter

If only I had one....*sigh*

I still have "flip phone" swag! My little Tracfone flip phone gets better coverage than my Android, of my friends IPhone!


Funny pictures of the Day. These are the 65 really funny pictures that make you laugh so hard you will cry.

Favorite Drake and Josh quote .

Favorite Drake and Josh quote . Our cumin and cinnamon bottles look identical. On a banana

A time when we can unite in the stress of school through memes

12 Too-Real Tumblr Posts About School You'll Relate To During Finals Week

This is surprisingly accurate... i literally do this anytime someone asked that our tells me to do "work"

How can I have a boyfriend when I'm obsessed with the boys? There's literally no time

Oh, I really just don't care!

but not because I'm rude, because I'm an introvert, and we hate this small talk stuff.