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These carmel apples might make you cry!!  #AprilFools  #TwistGiggles

Chocolate Candied Covered Apples Halloween Prank - Made with Onions!: Let's home you don't get a trick this halloween because biting down into a whole onion m

Looking for the perfect April Fools Day Prank? Here are 20 of the funniest April Fools Day pranks for you to prank your friends, family, or coworkers. Your sure to have a laugh at the reactions you will get to these clever pranks.

April fools browies. Sponges with frosting and sprinkles

Brownies Prank- Cover a kitchen sponge with frosting & sprinkles Because if your kids don't learn pranking at home, they'll learn it on the streets.

Harmless and Fun April Fools Day Pranks {for kids}!

Harmless and Fun April Fools Day Pranks {for kids

Try these harmelss and fun APRIL FOOLS DAY pranks that will leave kids squealing!

Fake For Sale Car Prank - Your Spouse Recieves The Calls..in this case it went bad.

Best April Fool's Day Prank - EVER

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April Fools' Day candy jokes with hidden vegetables, for kids

April Fools' Day candy jokes

@Kasey Ellsworth  the plastic wrap makes me think of what you and @Margaret Helms did to amanda...

Reasons not to drink

sleeping/passed out pranks. I wanna know how the guy is staying taped to the ceiling!

How to deal with junk mail.....hahaha, oh gosh! For some reason I feel like this wouldn't work :P

How to deal with junk mail

Funny pictures about Tired of getting junk mail? Oh, and cool pics about Tired of getting junk mail? Also, Tired of getting junk mail?

the FUN image presents... How to Look Like a Maniac in Public

Crazy things to eat and drink in public. TOTALLY doing one of these for work on April Fools Day - perhaps eating vanilla pudding out of a mayo jar during my lunch break.D (Also - white chocolate deodorant?