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Actor Robert John Downey, Jr. Born 4 April 1965, Manhattan, New York, U.S.

Robert DOWNEY Jr (b. [] Active since 1970 > Born Robert John Downey Jr. 4 April 1965 Manhattan, New York > Occupation: Actor > Spouses: Deborah Falconer div); Susan Levin (m.

Robert Downey Jr. Visited A Children’s Hospital And Awesomeness Ensued

Visited A Children’s Hospital And Awesomeness Ensued <<<<<<< so cute! and so awesome of RDJ. Look how happy the two of them are!

Nice black and white picture of Tony a.k.a Iron Man. Definitely one of my favorite superheroes!

Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man or Hugh Jackman as The Wolverine?

Is this man too freakin sexy to be named Sexiest Man Alive or what??

His beautiful brown eyes (well, one of them at least) ~ Robert Downey Jr.---makes me feel better for having brown eyes

When I'm in the bath tub and dreaming, this is what it looks like.

It's not the point that he came close to ruining his life with addiction; it's that he not only turned his life around, he's now thriving stronger than ever before. The phoenix of Hollywood." So true, love him!

Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man // Sherlock) nice to look at AND I love his deep voice....acting ain't bad either

(Iron Man // Sherlock) now he is on hunk of a man whooo!love you.

Robert Downey Jr. on Gwyneth Paltrow's speaking French during an interview. He's one of my many loves.

Why Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t speak French…they dont teach french in jail! Haha love him

Spectacular, excellent actor as well....you've come a long way baby.

Robert Downy Jr ~ I have never rooted for any celeb more to get out of Rehab.I LOVE watching him act. I hope he keeps that monkey off his back.He is too good of an actor, and seriously yummy.