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13 Epic BICYCLE Wipeouts!
Here Are 18 Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men... -   (oh Fuq!)
Classic Burns #47 - Meme Center
The last one...that's the guy. This is the reason the teacher explained the concept of a scantron before every single test all the way through high school and we always asked "What idiot doesn't know how to use these by now?" Found one.
"MLIA!" by judithbarranco on Polyvore
Wow! These guys really know what REAL fun is all about! LOL!
"MLIA" by grace-weasley ❤ liked on Polyvore
Derp and Derpina
Perfectly Placed Mobile Phone #lol #haha #funny
The most romantic proposal. // When it's worth winning a woman's heart (because you care about *her* and not just to have her as a trophy to show off *your* greatness)...
Pinning for the last post - but you have to read it all
Passengers You DO NOT Want Sitting Near You - 9GAG
Shower thoughts -I like the one about your shadow