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Although not spotted in our own woodland, they've been seen on the farm in the woodland and I've seen them as a young girl in the forest near my home town. Deer are such a natural beauty

Bull Elk

Elk on Balsam Ridge in NC Mountains. His sweetheart is just below him on the bank of the hill. by Mike Bruckner

its so graceful but yet every body looks at these pics and says the deer is pretty

Deer leaps away into the mist through a bracken covered forest in Richmond Park, London. Photo by Dave Carr.

English Springer Spaniels (Canis lupus familiaris) with pheasant kill, UK.  SPRINGERS HAVE THE SOFTEST MOUTHS AND COULD CARRY A BABY W/O HARM!

English Springer Spaniel with pheasant kill, UK. A true companion gun dog extraordinaire!


Let There Be Light by Hennie Van Heerden "Sometimes the smallest things can make you happy again, and forget what was bothering you. In my case today, it was 2 things; seeing the deer and that one ray of sunlight.

Hello deer  Cerf en forêt

There aren't many animals as majestic as a lion but a stag somehow managed to do it.

Enchanted forest ruled over by the Ent King who, by day, turns into a handsome stag that patrols the forest for signs of sorcery & magic.


Wings of hope are really what you see. You can see the bird hoping that the weather will get better, that he'll be able to fly. Hope keeps us going.