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Robot girl

so many scifi themed movies tv shows (anime included) and books over the years…

The Steampunk Queen Giclee Art Print 8 x 10 Buy 2 di StayGoldMedia, $9.99

The Steampunk Queen Giclee Art Print 8 x 10 Buy 2 Get 1 FREE steam punk steampunk science fiction gears cogs post-apocalyptic via Etsy

Vivien Thomas, cardiac surgery pioneer, 1940's, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0386792/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Vivien Thomas, cardiac surgery pioneer. 1940's.

Vivien Thomas, cardiac surgery pioneer, Vivien Theodore Thomas was an African-American surgical technician who developed the procedures used to treat blue baby syndrome in the

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joelcarroll: “ bettyfelon: “ Does anybody know the source of this image? ” Why, that’s Space Sheriff Gavan and Mimi! They just recently relaunched Gavan and the other Tokusatsu Space Sheriff with a.

cybercircuitz: “Follow for more corporate approved content. Remember, corporate “loves” you. ”

Cyberpunk, Future, Cyborg, Futuristic, Reina- Prosthetics Studies by ~Tekka-Croe on deviantART (Sanyu)

Maestro Electro- This robot is seven feet tall and can perform 36 tricks.

The robot Elektro “conducting” a woman playing bass at the 1939 World’s Fair, New York City

Robot Apes, Robot Ladies, Robot...Robots...

Robot Apes, Robot Ladies, Robot...Robots...

Fembot by Darren Bartley fightPUNCH- About I saw a Die Antwoord Dr Dre Beats ad, it inspired me to create this. sci-fi, robot, cyborg, cyberpunk by Darren Bartley

Christmas 1999 (as predicted in 1950)

Christmas on the Moon - Cover of Galaxy magazine optimism: December 1954 issue of Science Fiction, featuring Santa with space-suited reindeer.

One small step | Flickr – 相片分享!

Sammy Slabbinck, who describes himself as one who ‘renders dynamic collage prints, combining vintage photographs with contemporary compositional styles’, does all these unexpected collage artworks

Ivan Karpow aka dozhd'otets (rain father) russo geologist and finder of Mamoth portal deep under the capital city - citizen and member of the inner hive: people metal villain

display at the 1964 World's Fair in NY

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natgeofound: “ Fairgoers in new-model cars ride through displays of Earth’s history at the 1964 World’s Fair in Queens, New York. Photograph by James P. Blair, National Geographic ” Love this.