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Aurora Australis - Scott Station in Antarctica.

The northern and southern lights

These ever-shifting displays of coloured ribbons are most visible near the North (aurora borealis) and South (aurora australis) Poles.

Aurora Australis

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Allegedly the aurora boreal is, but this is so obviously the Dark Mark

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Powerful Auroras dancing over Abisko National Park On February 1st, 2014. So Beautiful..aa must see!   If you would like to experience the magic of the aurora borealis in person please visit and book your place on one of our aurora expeditions while we still have spaces available.  Where will you be when the solar maximum arrives?  Copyright 2014 all rights reserved.

Auroras in Abisko National Park February Powerful Auroras dancing over Abisko National Park On February If you would.


Amazing Aurora

Daniel Buckscott Juneau Alaska Nov for sale in his gallery in Juneau.

November 20, 2003: Auroras are caused by charged particles being blasted through space from the sun

Awe-inspiring auroras: The psychedelic majesty of the Northern Lights captured in the skies over Aberdeen

The northern lights in the UK photographed by aurora borealis expert Jim Henderson