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32 Vintage Photos That Show Us Just How Much Christmas Has Changed: A British airman hands out gifts to Dutch children during the liberation of the Netherlands. Germany had stopped sending the Netherlands food and fuel, causing a famine. [December 13, 1944]

A Romani ("Gypsy") being searched. His disheveled appearance suggests that he was forced to pull his pants down to prove that he was not a Jew. (Poland around 1940.) [United States Holocaust Memorial Museum]

Lisette Adoner *right* (photo taken in 1934 in Paris, France Lisette age 3) Lisette was deported to Auschwitz and murdered in Auschwitz at age 11.

June 22 1941: German forces invade the Soviet Union. Hitler's orders to crush Bolshevism and to gain "lebensraum" for the "aryan" race would soon face a formidable and terrible adversary.

Sylezcka Grinwald Nationality: Polish Jewish Residence: Poland Death: 1938 Cause: Murdered (buried in Auschwitz death camp) Age: 3 years